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5 Quick Tips About CISSP Exam
Do you know that CISSP is considered one of the most demanding IT certification offered by the International Information Security Certification Consortium? This IT certification is accepted worldwide. Employers regard CISSP certified professionals as the most reputed individuals capable of designing and implementing the world's best class security infrastructures.
So, if you have five years of relevant working experience in any of the CBK domains or either you are planning to build up a rewarding career opportunity in IT industry, then CISSP course can be among the best options you can check. The learning material is provided by the ISC2 and this material is self-sufficient enough to pass the exam even in the first attempt. However, passing this exam requires dedication and hard work to achieve this global standard certification.
In order to claim this certification, the individuals have to score at least a passing score of 700 or otherwise, they will have to retake this exam. The ISC2, however, reveals performance details with the failing candidates which these candidates can improve in order to pass their upcoming exam.
Many individuals working in IT brands are still unaware of this professional level certification. So if you are also among one of those, then these 5 quick tips about CISSP will help you get acquainted with this certification.
Employers prefer recruiting IT certified professionals: With the increase in job competition, employers prefer certified professionals to be recruited in their organizations. This is because these certificates validate that the certified candidates can handle the given tasks more efficiently than the non-certified candidates.
Increased spending on IT Security: The CISSP certifications are also becoming highly demanding since the increase of IT security issues which almost every organization are facing these days. This certificate validates that the certified individuals can secure the organization by designing and implementing foolproof security infrastructure for any possible data breach.
Highly recognized worldwide: The CISSP certification being issued by the International Information Security Certification Consortium is highly regarded throughout the globe. The certificate holders find them right in the queue to any available opportunity because of their abilities and skills. Moreover, these certified individuals also enjoy good repute and privileges at their organizations.
Must-Have for many job roles: The digital transformation and internet technology have fundamentally changed the whole globe resulting many new jobs which had created in the IT industry. So, there are many roles which require CISSP as the basic requirement to apply for this job. Job roles like Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, IT Director/Manager etc requires having CISSP certifications. More importantly, candidates on these job roles enjoy good benefits and perks in these positions.
Stable job professions offered to CISSP certified professionals: Many recent surveys revealed that CISSP certified professionals have the most stable IT positions, where they are never asked by their employer to the downside or no CISSP professional was laid off from their respective positions. These professionals secure good positions in any organization and hence they are able to withdraw good salaries too.
The CISSP certification, in short, being universally accepted certification has unlimited scope and those who once become CISSP certified will be able to secure good positions in any senior IT jobs. Moreover, those who are willing to upgrade their current employment status to self-employed can also take advantage of this most prestigious certification offered by the International Information Security Certification Consortium. So if you really wish to improve your skills in the IT industry and wanted to stay ahead of your other colleagues, then this CISSP certification will lead you to many secure job roles in the future.
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What's difference between CISSP and CCIE Security
The CISSP is basically an advanced level certification designed for those IT individuals who are willing to enhance their knowledge in the field of Information Security. Those who are working as a cybersecurity professional can take this exam to build up their career. This certification is being offered by the International Information Security Certification Consortium. This advanced level IT certification is recognized worldwide.

CISSP certification stands for Certified Information System Security Professional, which helps cyber security individuals to accelerate their career with this globally accepted CISSP certification. Passing this exam validates the individual's expertise in handling the job roles like;

·   Chief Information Security Officer

·    Chief Information Officer

·    Director of Security

·   IT Director/Manager

·    Security Systems Engineer

·    Security Analyst

·    Security Manager

·    Security Auditor

·    Security Architect

·    Security Consultant

·    Network Architect

By taking this exam, the individuals automatically become a member of the International Information Security Consortium. After becoming a member of this prestigious international organization, they can unlock unlimited opportunities for accessing exclusive resources, learning tools etc. Besides these rewards, they also take advantage of peer to peer networking opportunities. This certification is, in fact, the world's premier cyber security certification.

This CISSP exam covers evaluating the abilities of cybersecurity professionals in eight domains namely:

1.   Security and Risk Management

2.   Asset Security

3.    Security Architecture and Engineering

4.   Communication and Network Security

5.    Identity and Access Management

6.    Security Assessment and Testing

7.   Security Operations

8.    Software Development Security

This means that any Cyber Security Professional with this CISSP certification possesses expert-level knowledge and technical skills to handle and implement best in class security program in a very effective manner.

There are many self-study resources offered by the ISC2 which are sufficient enough to pass the exam. The candidates have to pass 100 - 150 or 250 CAT exam in order to get qualified for this certification. After passing the said exam, the individuals are allowed to complete their ISC2 endorsement process within the nine months. Once the process is completed, the individuals are CISSP certified however this certification requires recertification after every three years. Besides this recertification process, the individuals have to contribute nominal maintenance fee on annual basis.

CCIE Security, on the other hands, is also an expert level certification offered by the networking industry giant Cisco. This certification validates that the certificate holder possesses expert-level in-depth knowledge in the field of designing, implementing and securing any complex network. Individuals who are working in the field of networking can boost their career with this expert-level certification.

This CCIE Security certification does not come up with any formal prerequisites however it requires the candidate to have more than three to five years experience in the relevant industry. The individuals have to pass one written exam and one lab exam in order to get CCIE Security certified. This exam requires recertification after every twenty-four months. This certification proves the skills of individuals to secure any complex LAN and WAN solutions of any enterprise. However, passing this certification requires a lot of skills and good hands-on practice. The good part is that this certification is also accepted worldwide and is highly in demand.

Concluding to an end, this was a little comparison between both of these advanced level IT certifications for those who are willing to either enhance their skills in securing networks or in information security. Those who are not familiar with both of these terms should keep in mind that those both of these CCIE Security or CISSP certifications are highly recognized throughout the globe. So IT professionals should consider having both or either any one of them in order to take a boost in their career.
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CCCure CISSP practice test
Earning the CISSP will prove that the candidates are having what it takes to effectively design, manage and implement a high-class cyber-security program. With a CISSP, you can validate your expertise and become an (ISC) ² member so as to, unlock a broad array of exclusive resources, educational tools, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
How to Study:
The candidates are needed to go through and study each and every chapter’s domain individually until you could get about 80 to 90% on the practice exams before you move on to the next domain. This would enable you to test your comprehension level of the material which you have covered. Any areas in which you are weak are then needed to revise/retest before moving on to the next domain.
The order, in which you study all the domains, depends on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses of each of the CISSP domains. It is recommended that you should start with first domain i.e. the Security Governance through Policies and Principles. That way you are going to solidify the overarching principles and can then work through the remaining domains at your own discretion.
Also, before you take the exam, you should have one to two weeks out to go through all of the domains inside out before you sit the exam.
How Do You Learn?
You are needed to inculcate first that what learning style is going to suit you. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination of all? How you would be learning to determine whether you have selected to attend training, self-study etc. I have spoken to many CISSPs who have attended training courses and boot-camps with mixed reviews on the effectiveness. In a real sense, it all depends on how best you would learn.
Another nice strategy that you are needed to follow is to see how far you can get by studying CISSP on your own before deciding whether you need to invest in additional training.
You need to remember that you are supposed to spend your time:
•    50% of time should be spent studying CISSP materials
•    50% of the time should be spent on Practice Exams
Consistency is Key
You need to do daily practice if possible, even an hour during weekdays and up to 10 hours on the weekend, whatsoever you can spare. This is a rough stretch for most busy Information Security Professionals! However, there are little techniques to support this.
Join a Study Group!
You are needed to look forward to any CISSP Study groups in your area. If there is not one in your city, you should start your own study group! It would make the marathon to becoming CISSP more and more enjoyable, keep you on track and you can network with other professionals in your area.
CCCure CISSP Practice Test:
This exam is going to test you on the CISSP’s Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). You are needed to practice the exams are in your way by measuring your ability to Pass!
You should also have been anticipated using a variety of different exams. I have seen that some candidates state that they have practiced 5000 questions before sitting in the CISSP exam. I would estimate that I would have completed around 2000 practice questions as a part of my preparation.
Each CISSP book would be containing exam questions at the end of each chapter. You would be needed to practice more than these to be prepared for different styles of questions. Most likely to require you to purchase for about 2 or 3 different exam sets. CCCure CISSP Practice test offers CISSP scenario-based questions, which I would like to recommend to the readers unfamiliar with scenario style questions.
If you need any further help, you could join the CISSPTOP Services and gain their training to clear the CISSP in single attempt.
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