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Oracle Dumps

Before we discuss the salary packages offered to Oracle Certified individual, it would be better to first gain a brief overview of the same.

Introduction to OCA Certification:

Oracle Certified Associate otherwise known as OCA certifications are designed for IT professionals who are beginning to work with Oracle technologies. The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate shortly known as OCA DBA 11g certificate is considered to be appropriate for junior-level database administrators who are responsible to maintain an Oracle database or work on a team that would be managing the Oracle DBMS in a corporate environment.

Trained as well as certified Oracle Certified Associates in DBA 11g would be able to gain employment as an entry-level database administrator, or build on the OCA to earn the next level of the track in Oracle's database certification, which would be the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). There are numerous training programs as well as accredited college degrees that would be featuring the coursework in Oracle database technologies. But if you are appearing for Oracle Certification, the best training provider for you would be the SPOTO.

Before knowing what would be the endorsements that you are going to have along with Oracle Certification, here is a snippet from the fact sheet on the infiltration of Oracle right into the techno-world.

•    About 430k customers in 175 countries would have implemented Oracle and have achieved success in meeting the business opportunities by solving the real as well as tangible challenges.

•    It would be able to help them to develop roadmaps in a strategic manner as well as it would help them in forward their way into the cloud. Also, the deployment of new cloud, hybrid implementation, as well as legacy environments have been made easier.

•    The complete and integrated approach of Oracle would be to help the customers in each step of their digital energy as well as also enabling them so as to expand their service[s] easily as per the growth of the business.

Furthermore, the global cloud-based ERP [enterprise resource planning] market is expected to become more than double by 2023 and Oracle is considered one among the key players apart from IBM, Microsoft, Aptean, and others. All of them would have adopted competitive strategies as well as helping the market to grow. 

Skills Measured by OCA DBA 11g Certification:

Below mentioned are some of the key skills which would be covered in the Oracle Certified Associate DBA 11g curriculum. OCA DBA 11g certified professionals would be able to do:

•    Configuration and managing the Oracle network environment.

•    Import Export, as well as transfer data between Oracle databases.

•    Identification of the types of failure that could be occurred in an Oracle database.

•    Implementation of Oracle database security as well as working with auditing.

•    Managing database user accounts and configures user security.

•    Managing Oracle database 11g alerts and thresholds.

•    Managing Oracle instances and set database initialization parameters.

•    Managing storage structures in an Oracle 11g database.

•    Manually backing up Oracle databases as well as setting up automatic backups.

•    Preparing the database environment and creating a new Oracle database.

•    Utilization of the data recovery advisor to recover the Oracle database.

•    Utilization the enterprise manager support workbench.


OCA Salaries

Average salaries for Oracle Certified Associates as well as related positions:

•    Database Administrator: $77,000

•    Junior Oracle Database Administrator: $83,000

•    Oracle Application Database Administrator salary: $109,000

•    Oracle Certified Associate: $82,000

•    Oracle Certified Professional: $95,000

•    Oracle Database Administrator: $94,000

•    SQL Database Administrator: $90,000

So, if you wish to have this much salary packages, and if you wish to become certified with the Oracle, you could gain the preparation courses, which would be offered by the SPOTO.


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