Cissp Class Cost

Cissp Class Cost

How many CISSPs are there?

The original costing of the CISSP Certification is going to involve the cost of the examination CISSP certification. The Costing of CISSP Certification is going to vary depending on the region of the world in which the candidates are going to plan to receive the Certification in the CISSP examination.

CISSP Certification Costing:
Presently, Costing of the CISSP Certification is different in the various corner of the world. CISSP Cost of Asia-Pacific, Americas, Middle East, and Africa are $549 for those who do the early registration and $599 for the standard registration. The CISSP Certification Cost of Europe is again different; it is around 510 Euros for the early registration and 560 Euros for the standard registration. The Cost CISSP Certification in the United Kingdom is about 340 British pounds for the early registration and 370 British pounds for the standard registration. This is just the cost of appearing for the CISSP Certification Exam.

Once a candidate successfully passes the CISSP certification exam, he or she is awarded an official CISSP certification. Now as and when you have gained it, you need to maintain the CISSP certification. The CISSP certificate holders have to pay Annual Membership Fee of $85. Even though, the CISSP certification is going to be valid for three years only. After gaining the CISSP Certification you will have three years validity, you will have to maintain their CISSP credentials, later on after you have to renew their credentials CISSP certificate holders.

The process of Renewal:
CISSP Certificate Holders can renew their CISSP Certification in two ways.
1. The First way that a CISSP certificate holders to renew their certification is to choose to take the CISSP examination all over again
2. However, mostly the candidates choose the method for CISSP credential renewal. The CISSP certificate holders can log in to at least 120 Continuing Professional Education or CPE credits since the initial examination of the CISSP certification or previous CISSP credential renewal. Additionally, a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Education or CPE credits must be logged in by the CISSP Certificate holder, during each of the years of the three-year certification cycle. It is going to ensure that a CISSP certificate holder is going to stay in the loop with new information security, best practices, and technological innovations.
There are various ways of earning the Continuing Professional Education credits. For instance, CPE credits could be earned by attending the educational courses or seminars, attending the security conferences, being a member of an association attending meetings and chapter, and completing in higher academic courses. As you can see that there are multitudes of ways to earn Continuing Professional Education credits, the costs of the CISSP Certification is going to vary by what activity the certificate holders have decided to pursue.

CISSP Exam Details:
The CISSP exam tests are going to be on the topics from any of the eight domains of CBK:
1. Security and Risk Management
2. Asset Security
3. Security Engineering
4. Communications and Network Security
5. Identity and Access Management
6. Security Assessment and Testing
7. Security Operations
8. Software Development Security

Passing Criteria:
The CISSP Certification exam is about 100 to 150 questions. It will comprise of multiple-choice questions, with the inclusion of advanced innovative questions. This exam uses the Computerized Adaptive Testing, with the usage of an algorithm to adjust the difficulties of each successive question based on the ability of the candidate. CISSP Candidates are given three hours for the completion of this exam. CISSPTOP Services would prove to be a great help if you desire to gain this certification in the first attempt.

The questions asked in the CISSP are weighted differently, totaling up to 1,000 points. In order to clear the CISSP Certification exam, the candidate should obtain a minimum passing score of 700. You will only receive the score of pass or fail if you are going to fail the exam, (ISC) 2 will reveal some details of your performance. You will also receive a ranking of the exam domains according to the percentage of questions that you have answered correctly.