Cissp Exam Cram Pdf

Cissp Exam Cram Pdf

Where to take CISSP exam?

Before you know that where to take the CISSP Exam it is better to be clear of some concepts of the CISSP Exam.

The goal of the CISSP Exam:
The goal of the CISSP exam is to test the technical skills of a candidate, which includes the implementation and maintenance of a security program, or any other tasks that would be performed by a CISO, systems engineer, security auditor, or security architect.
The CISSP exam is going to take you to the next level in your career by strengthening your skills, expanding your technical knowledge and boosting your self-confidence.

CISSP Exam Schedule and Duration:
The CISSP Exam is going to contains 100 to 150 multiple-choice as well as the advanced innovative questions. These advanced innovative questions could come in a couple of different forms such as:

•Drag and drop:
In this type of question, you will have to drag one or more answers from one side of the screen into the box present on the other side of the screen. Remember that you only need to drag the correct answer(s).

Hotspot questions will require you to click on a specific point in a graphical illustration, like the diagram of network architecture. In this question, you will usually ask you to identify where a particular component would be located or where a particular type of attack is going to be originated.

Scheduling the Exam:
Scheduling the Exam is going to depend entirely on the level of your attentiveness for the CISSP exam. You need to give yourself some time to study and complete as many practice questions as you could possibly learn before taking the test. When you are ready, you’ll be in need to schedule your exam through the website of Pearson VUE. Then you need to register an account, log in, and you are going to be presented with the testing center and dates options. Note that this information is not going to available outside the Pearson VUE website, and it is only available for those who have a registered account.

Booking and Taking the Exam:
In order to book the exam, all you need to do is to follow these easy steps in order to make sure that you have satisfied all of the requirements:
• Review that whether the exam is available or not.
• Go to the Pearson VUE website.
• Creating an account and reviewing the non-disclosure.
• Choosing Select the best test center for your location.
• Select an appointment time.
• Paying for the exam.
• Keeping your confirmation email.

After you complete the above steps, Pearson VUE is going to transfer the information of your registration to (ISC) 2.

Identification Requirements for Testing:
As and when you arrive at the testing center, you are going to need to provide the staff with at least two valid forms of identification. The following ID options are suitable:
•A valid green card or resident card
•A valid military ID
•A valid passport
•A valid state-issued driver’s license
•A valid state-issued ID card

The arrival of Exam Process:
Now the exam is going to be held on one of the Pearson VUE centers. You need to be present there 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. It is going to be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the location of the exam center; you also need to make sure that you have prepared for traffic and other factors which could affect the travel time to the testing center. Arriving early is also going to ensure that any identification issues or queries that can be addressed without interfering with you’re of certification attempt. You are going to be photographed upon the arrival and will have to leave all personal belongings outside of the testing room in a secure area. After you sign in, the test administrator is going to give you a short orientation and then lead you to your computer terminal.