Cissp 10 Domains Security

Cissp 10 Domains Security

Why Take CISSP Certification?

CISSP certification for personal benefits
 CISSP can demonstrate professional application knowledge in the field of information security, and it can declare your solemn commitment to the industry
 Moreover, you are highly to stand out from the rest and have a higher reputation and competitiveness in the global human market
 Enjoy the exclusive rights of (ISC) 2 members, such as expanding the network of people in the industry and enhancing interaction
 According to the Global Information Security Manpower Study, the salary of information security certification practitioners is 25% higher than that of non-certified practitioners.
 Meet government and business specific requirements for information security certification

The benefits of CISSP certified
 (ISC) 2 certificate is widely recognized internationally to enhance the overall competitiveness of companies in the global market
 Improve the credibility of the company and enable suppliers and contractors to have more confidence to cooperate with the company
 Employees have a common language and avoid ambiguity about industry-recognized terms and codes of conduct
 Prove the company's years of experience and industry commitment in the industry
Licensed employees must continue their studies and receive sufficient continuous professional education (CPE) credits to ensure their skills are up to date.
 Ensure that companies comply with government regulations or industry regulations
 Meet the specific requirements of the service provider or subcontractor for qualification

Process of CISSP certification:
Step 1: Confirm and gain work experience
You need to prove that you have at least five years of full-time work experience in the information security industry, or two of the eight knowledge domains with a bachelor's degree and CISSP CBK, in two or more of the eight knowledge domains defined by CISSP CBK. Or four years of full-time work experience in the above categories. If you do not meet the age requirements, you can still take the exam and become an Associate (ISC) member until you have completed the required work experience before applying for certification.
Step 2: Make an appointment and pass the exam
Schedule an exam. Create a candidate account through Pearson Vue and make an appointment for the test date. Candidates in China can choose the Chinese test, and the test paper is in Chinese and English.
Take the test. The form of the test is a computer test. The questions are single-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, etc. The questions are from the (ISC) 2 question bank. Each test question will change. There is a total of 250 questions in the test, of which 25 are for investigation. The purpose is not to score, but it is not clearly marked; the score is 700 points, and the score is 700 points; the topic setting has nothing to do with the specific manufacturer's products and operating system, and pays more attention to practical experience and management thinking;
Step 3: Complete the attestation and obtain a certificate
Forensic (or endorsement), once you receive a successful notice of passing the exam, you will need to agree to the (ISC) 2 Code of Ethics and complete the necessary attestation procedures before the certificate is formally granted. Need to fill out the online application form (endorsement)
Form) and need to obtain the signature of another valid member holding (ISC) 2 certification, to prove that your professional work experience is true. According to the time limit for certification, you must become an official certified member or associate member within 9 months from the date of passing the exam. If you exceed the 9-month period, you will need to retake the exam. If you can't find the right person to prove you, (ISC) 2 can act as an attester.
REVIEW: (ISC)2 Prior to the award of the certificate, the certificate applicants who passed the test will be randomly selected and reviewed (about 5% globally). Candidates who participate in multiple certifications may review more than once.
Step 4: Maintain certificate validity
 Recertification is required every three years to maintain the validity of the certificate.
 Accumulate and submit at least 40 continuing professional education (CPE) credits each year and accumulate 120 CPE credits every three years. If the CPE credit requirements are not met, the CISSP licensee must re-certify.
 Annual maintenance fee (AMF) of $85 per year for a three-year period.
 Strict compliance with (ISC) 2 professional ethics